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Having worked in the pharmaceutical research and manufacturing services industry for more than 20 years, I realized the importance of being able to clearly communicate scientific concepts to others.

I worked with some great agencies and freelancers, but most didn't understand the core of our business. The science. The nuance behind the business that makes all the difference. Being able to look at complex technologies and then expressing it in its most simple form so that any audience could understand it, creates value. We  deliver truly integrated programs that resonate with technical and non-technical audiences alike so that your science-based business continues to grow.

I founded Bio-Atomic Scientific Marketing in 2019 to provide what I couldn't find. A company that can simplify your science and bring it to life for the world. We sell science.


Bio-Atomic uses small teams of dedicated professionals and its trusted suppliers to deliver focused and efficient results for customers. We study your project to ensure we understand your science or technology, so that we can develop spot on content that we can apply across all of your channels, generating measurable results.  We understand the needs of science-based companies and are focused exclusively on them.

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Kevin McCarthy B.Sc. MBA

Managing Director


20 years of experience in pharmaceutical services and related industries in both technical and business roles. Focus on marketing, sales and communications leadership at companies including Boehringer Ingelheim, Patheon (now Thermo Fisher), Dalton Pharma Services and Therapure Biopharma. Also served in technical roles at Abbott Laboratories and Baxter International. Founded Bio-Atomic Scientific Marketing in 2019.

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