Bio-Atomic Exhibits

Our objective is to deliver a worry-free exhibit experience to our customers, every time. Our job is to design great booths that fulfill your needs and deliver on time, to your budget. We strive to make this complex process simple for you. Then you can focus on what you’re at the event to do, develop more business.

Bio-Atomic Exhibits can manage the design, build, and logistics of your exhibit assets virtually anywhere, anytime. We’ve been attending and working trade shows and conferences around the world for more than a decade.

We’ve combined our knowledge of managing exhibit programs and creating great content with the a reliable network of suppliers across North America and around the world, to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.

What Makes Bio-Atomic Exhibits Different?
We are specialists in creating great content. Bio-Atomic understands technical and scientific industries so we can craft content that's absolutely spot on. And you don't have to teach us science. We already get it. We generate concise, impactful language and support your graphic, multi-media, video and animation needs for your exhibit, all in one provider.

Island Booth Exhibits large
Small and large pop-up booth images

Bio-Atomic Exhibits Supported Services

·     Banner stands through to complex large island exhibits
·     Integrated exhibit programs or select services
·     International exhibit program experience (US, Canada, Europe, Japan)
·     Strong supplier network for global services
·     Portable Modular or Custom Booth solutions
·     Booth design services including graphic design
·     Content and messaging creation services
·     Multi-media creative including video and animations
·     On-site exhibit supervision available
·     Coordination of I&D teams and union labor where applicable
·     Global logistics support and shipping management
·     Show book management, show contractor service forms
·     Storage of exhibits and graphics

Get Started with Bio-Atomic Exhibits

Bio-Atomic brings the creative, operations and logistics together in one experienced provider, making your exhibit program a distinctive success wherever you go.