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Getting back to the new normal and re-establishing yourself in marketplace can seem daunting at first. Many of us have settled into this new reality and determined a way to continue doing business (albeit different than before). You want to get your message out that you are ready to take on new business or never left the marketplace?

One great way to do this is to create short company or promotional offer videos.  You can create professional videos that don’t require any new video or photography at virtually any level of sophistication. Whether you are a small start-up wanting to announce your ability to deliver your products or services in a new way, or you are an established business wanting to let people know you are back to business, a promotional video is a great way to deliver that message a  crowded online ecosystem. These videos can be created very inexpensively and in a short timeframe so you can get your message out immediately.

The most important step is to figure out what your message is. Sending a message that you are there to help and can solve a problem your customers are facing can make your video more relatable and current.  Is the purpose to announce that your business is returning to a more normal level of operation? Are you announcing a new service or product, or a new way you deliver your service? Do you have a new special offer you want to get out there? Having a good understanding of the key messaging and what you are trying to achieve with the video is critical.

Video Content
Videos can be created using your own existing video or photo assets to support the new message. Don’t have anything? There are a number of sources where you can find or buy rights to use stock video segments and stock photography that provide professional looking content for very minimal cost (or even free). Music is another key component. There are plenty of different sources of royalty free music that can be used in your videos posted with little or no cost to you. Some just require a credit in the video description in order to use.  Always read the fine print regarding the usage and attribution rights for any image, song or video clip you want to use. There is a lot of content available that can be used to represent almost every industry or idea that can be put together to give you strong visual support for your important marketing message.

Custom Animations & Overlays
With the addition of custom created logo animations, or text animations and overlays you have all the pieces needed for that custom promotional video. There are a number of easy to use online tools that can deliver really dynamic logos animations or text presentations, shot transitions and more, for very low costs.

Bio-Atomic Example Project
At Bio-Atomic we created a two-minute promotional video promoting the agency, using only free stock video segment, free stock images and free music soundtrack. We edited the available pieces together and used a few custom animations, transitions and overlays to achieve the final product in a few days. This is a great example of what can be achieved on a limited budget using only pre-existing materials. Check it out on our website at

Custom Promotional Videos for Today’s Market
Combining stock images and video segments in a creative way combined with your unique marketing message can bring your content to life. These videos can be put together quickly, creatively and on message, making them entirely yours and fully aligned with your brand. They can be formatted to fit virtually any social media platform’s requirements (Youtube, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook and more) and they can be modified, updated or repurposed in a short timeframe. Online video assets get much higher viewing rates than written content does. In an increasingly online world, custom promotional video production is a great way to stand part from the crowd. Talk to agency about your options today.

Kevin McCarthy

Managing Director,
Bio-Atomic Scientific Marketing

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